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Ms. Liu Gui Feng 劉桂鳳 - Chairlady and Executive Director

Ms. Liu, aged 67, graduated from the CEO Course organized by Tsinghua University. She has served as the chairlady of Changchun Xinda Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. (長春新大石油集團有限公司) since 1996.

Mr. Yu Jiyuan 于濟源 -  Executive Director  

Mr. Yu Jiyuan (“Mr. Yu”), aged 26, is the son of Mr. Yu Zhibo who is a substantial shareholder of the Company. He obtained Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Economics) from State University of New York (Stony Brook) in December 2012 and a Master in Public Administration in International Development from Harvard University in May 2017. From October 2013 to August 2015, Mr. Yu was a consultant to the International Department (國際部) of Heilongjiang Longyou Group Company Limited* (黑龍江龍油集團有限公司) (“Heilongjiang Longyou”) where he assisted the development of the international sales and marketing strategies and liaison with overseas business partners. From June 2017 to October 2018, Mr. Yu became the head of International Department (國際部部長) of Heilongjiang Longyou and he was responsible for the entire branch of overseas business development. Since November 2018, Mr. Yu has been working as the general manager of Heilongjiang Longyou. Since November 2018, Mr. Yu has been working as the chairman of Tianjin Binglixuleng Technology Co., Ltd.* (天津冰利蓄冷科技有限公司). Since January 2018, Mr. Yu Jiyuan has been the chairman of Tianjin Yingde Coldchain Technology Co., Ltd* (天津瀛德冷鏈技術有限公司).


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